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5 Paint Colors to Maximize Productivity in Your Home Office

Working remotely offers plenty of benefits, but also has a learning curve. From discovering how to effectively communicate with your colleagues long-distance to ensuring you block your time efficiently, starting remote work can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of hacks you can implement to maximize your productivity, focus, and creativity during your 9-5.

While some of these hacks include making a to-do list, taking small breaks throughout the day, and minimizing time on social media, an often-overlooked detail that can boost productivity is the state of the room you’re working in. If you keep a tidy home office but your mind continues to wander, the color of your office might be part of the problem. Our team of painting specialists at DeltaPro Painters are sharing 5 colors you can paint your home office in order to boost productivity.

How Does Color Affect Me?

Color theory is the study of color, or more accurately, the study of how humans perceive color. It encompasses everything from how certain colors ‘clash’ or work in harmony to how brands use color to evoke a feeling or reaction in their customers. The way color affects our mood is far from a new idea. In fact, there have been hundreds of studies done in the field of color psychology to show that colors can do everything from boost happiness to increase appetite.

Productivity Boosting Paint Colors

Every home is different and there are no hard and fast rules you have to stick to. However, certain colors lack energy and can sap your own energy, leading to a less productive workday. A study conducted by the University of Texas concluded that groups working in a white room made more errors than groups working in a red or aqua space. While a study from the University of British Columbia found that employees’ performance increased in regards to detail-oriented assignments when in a red space.

Productivity stems from focus and creative problem solving. So, having a space that maximizes these traits will lead to a more satisfying, and more productive workday.

Colors that boost productivity include:

  • Blue promotes stability, calm, and efficiency, allowing you to better focus on the task at hand.
  • Green does not cause eye fatigue, making it great for folks who burn the midnight oil. Additionally, it evokes calm and spurs innovation.
  • Orange encourages creativity and focus, making it a great option for full-time creatives.
  • Yellow can promote happiness and optimism, creating a space to help you maintain positivity.
  • Red stimulates energy levels and raises the pulse, making urgent and detail-oriented tasks much less intimidating.

Your Trusted Indoor Paint Specialists

Color psychology is a well-regarded field but everyone has different preferences and styles. You might not want to rush out and paint your entire office bright green, and our team at DeltaPro Painters understands that. This is why we offer paint consultations to pair your style with the function of your space. We will help you decide whether an accent wall, colorful flourish, or complete paint job would work best, guide you in choosing the brightness and hue of your paint, and paint your space quickly and flawlessly. Our experienced and skilled Hamilton painters can offer the perfect solution for your home office and beyond, proudly offering a wide range of interior and exterior painting options.

To learn more about our Hamilton paint services, or to schedule an appointment, call DeltaPro Painters today at (513) 880-9974 or fill out our online form.