Living room accent wall

The Best Accent Wall Ideas

Instead of investing the time and money needed for a full home remodel, an accent wall can be an easy way to add a pop of color or texture to your space. The sky is the limit for an accent wall—allowing you to truly make your home your own. Our team at DeltaPro Painters is Hamilton’s trusted painting company, proudly making interiors and exteriors shine. We are sharing some of our favorite accent wall ideas that you can use as inspiration for your home.

Our Favorite Paint Colors for Accent Walls

Adding a splash of paint to your walls is a low-cost way to bring your individual style to your home, but it’s important to pick the right hue for the room. When choosing a paint color, think about what you want the room to feel like, what color your current furnishings are, and whether the color is a passing fad or here to stay.

Our favorite paint colors include:

  • Blue: Ranging from a sky blue to cobalt to a deep navy, blue is one of the most versatile colors for an accent wall. Blue is known to promote calm and tranquility, so it works great in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Black: While some people might be turned off by the starkness of black, using it on a single wall can create a stunning and unique accent. Additionally, this dark wall can make any color next to it pop, making it a great way to highlight a bold couch or neutral curtain.
  • Green: Bringing the outdoors in is a tried and true method to boost your mood and energy, and adding a green accent wall can bring a lively richness to your home, working great in a living room, home office, or dining room.
  • Yellow: From pale to bright and bold neon, yellow has been known to boost happiness and productivity, making it ideal for kitchens, home offices, and children’s bedrooms.
  • Purple: When people think of purple, they often think of an intense and vibrant shade. However, this color can range from a light lilac—ideal for trim work—to a deep purple—great for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas designed to evoke a plush, comfortable feel.
  • Red: The color of passion not only brings the heat, but has also been found to boost productivity, which makes red perfect as an accent in your kitchen and home office.
  • Coral: While a solid orange or pink might feel overwhelming, a coral captures that energy without being too harsh on the eyes.
  • Neutrals: Not every accent wall needs to be bold. A neutral color, like sand, is a great way to emphasize bold furnishings, making it a great choice for a living room or bedroom.

Worried your favorite bold color will be “too much”? Think about using it as a trim detail to add a pop of color without being overwhelming. If you are having a hard time deciding the right color for your home, our experienced painters at DeltaPro Painters can sit down with you for a consultation and even handle your paint job from start to finish, so you can just sit back and enjoy your new space.

Going Beyond Paint—Unique Accent Options

While a good paint job can drastically change your space, sometimes it doesn’t quite meet your vision. When that is the case, you still have plenty of options to make any room in your home feel unique, which can boost not only your spirits but also your property value when you think about selling.

Other accent wall ideas to make your space uniquely yours:

  • Wallpaper, particularly patterned or floral designs
  • Natural stone or brick
  • Wood paneling
  • Artwork gallery, either multiple framed pieces or one large piece
  • Tile
  • Chalkboard

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