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It Is Our Duty To Enlighten You On The Color Psychology For House Painting

Your home is the place where you rest. Your home is a lovely place where you dream. It is the tiny space of the Earth where you love unconditionally. And from that little place, you go out and fight the world to achieve your goals, succeed, and be happy. So, your home plays a vital role in preparing you to make your way through the world. That’s why you should never overlook any decision to make it more beautiful, comfy, and functional. That’s why today, as expert painters, we choose to write about the color psychology for house painting.

We hope you enjoy it, because we did have fun writing it, and we devoted a good effort to it.

First Things, What Is Color Psychology?

In general terms and according to Wikipedia, color psychology is the study of how hues, colors, and shades can influence human behavior.

Color psychology is a concept that is important, especially for business branding and image. Businesses choose colors to design their logos and create a strong business image.

For instance, they will choose colors that evoke trust, security, leadership, passion, strength, creativity, growth, and happiness. So, if this concept is used in business, and it is successful, we should take advantage to apply this concept to our homes.

Of course, as humans, we have 5 senses (touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight). Our senses help us perceive the world and anything that impacts that perception can also shape our mood.

Perhaps the most dominant sense is our sight. Our sense of sight keeps us safe, helps us interpret our surroundings, and helps us to connect with the world around us.

When it comes to seeing things, there are two phases: sight and vision. Sight is the ability to witness an event, and vision is how the mind processes that information and draws interpretations.

Since sight is super important, no wonder why color has some sort of influence on us.

For instance, color can influence our taste of food and especially our mood. But color perception by people depends on factors like gender, age, and culture.

Understand the Color Wheel Model before Moving Forward!

The color wheel is a useful model to organize colors in two main spectrums that are known as warm and cool colors.

Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow. In general, these colors can evoke emotions that can go from a burst of energy, vitality, warmth, and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.

Cool colors include green, blue, and violet. These colors can evoke calming feelings, but they also can call to mind sadness and indifference.

Particularly, violet was used by royalty and this still sticks around. So, if you use violet, it gives a sense of royalty, creativity, and curiosity.

Look how gorgeous and vivid this color wheel looks. No wonder why colors that dominate our surroundings have the ability to influence our emotions and state of mind.

Have you ever noticed that certain places with certain color schemes can irritate you? We’re sure you have also noticed that other places do the magic of relaxing and calming you.

So, there is a good chance that colors in your house interior or exterior walls can do the magic of making you feel awesome, comfy, and happy!

By learning how color can affect your mood, you’ll choose the right interior or exterior paint color to adorn your home.

That is why you should continue reading our article about color psychology for house painting.

Color Psychology for House Painting —The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Color

As we said before, your home is the place where you spent a great part of your life.

Also, since different colors can make you feel in different ways, it is vital to put great importance when choosing the colors for your home; whether for your interiors or exteriors.

You should take your time, so that you choose colors that bring you a positive feeling, and avoid at all cost those hues that can make you feel irritated, confused, and stressed.

Changing your home color scheme is an effective way to change the energy, feeling, and look of your sweet home.

Even though the color of your walls is the main aspect of your home interior design, decoration also plays its role in defining the feel of your room.

You can choose elegant pieces of furniture to tone down strong bright shades with Earth tones, hang nice paintings on the walls, and lay colorful rugs to complement your home interior wall colors.

As expert home painters, we strongly believe that the color schemes can have a strong effect on people’s moods, feelings, and emotions—this is especially true for people who are surrounded most of the time by these colors.

So our mission with this guide is to help you choose the best color schemes for your home.

Wait a Minute… What Is a Color Scheme?

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, a color scheme is a logical and complementary combination of color from the color wheel.

Color schemes are the concepts of harmony, appeal, perfection, and style. So, by applying our knowledge, Deltapro Painters will make sure to delight you with our fine painting solutions.

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In this way, we’ll make sure that you live in a place that you love. A place that inspires you and boosts your mood. A place that keeps you positive. The sweet place that relaxes you, or makes you productive. And indeed, a place that shapes your mood and attitude in the right direction.

Use the Color Psychology for House Painting to Your Advantage!

As we have said before, colors affect how people feel. We have two main spectrums: warm and cool. Warm colors mainly consist con yellow, orange, red, and brown. Cool colors, on the other hand, are shades like blues, greens, pinks, and purples.

But what about colors like grey, white, beige, and black? These have their own spectrum, so to say. They count as neutral colors. And although they are “absent” in color, they can bring gorgeous new look to your place.

Of course, each of these colors transmit a different set of feelings. For you to use the color psychology for house painting, you must know which feelings each color transmits. Keep reading to find out more!

Let Your House Feel the Sunset’s Passion with Warm Colors

If you want to bring a tepid, sunny look to you place, then warm colors are your best shot. Warm colors bring your place a cozy impression that makes rooms seem larger than what they actually are.

Warm colors, in overall, are full of vigor and comfort.

Red colors, for example, conveys passion and romance. They also are great attention-grabbers. Red shades are perfect for rooms in which are frequent to gatherings, such as living rooms or dining rooms.

You may also use red for certain walls in your bedroom if you want to spice things up in your relationship. Just be careful not to use too much red, since it may be too strong for bedtime.

Another option in the warm color spectrum that has become more and more popular over the years is yellow. This is because this vivid yet soothing color brings homes an unmatched glow that grasps the sun’s energy.

Yellow is, in fact, one of the strongest options out there in the psychology color spectrum. Optimistic, energetic, and lively, yellow is one of the best colors to bring positive vibes to your place.

Last but not least, among the most common options out there in the warm color range, we have oranges. Orange colors in rooms bring the perfect balance between warmth and enthusiasm. It’s no wonder, for it’s the offspring of Mr. Red and Mrs. Yellow.

The best shades of orange include terra cotta and apricot since these are the ones that don’t tend to be overwhelming for your home.

A Touch of Frost for Your Home with the Cool Color Palette

Following the color psychology for house painting, we have the cool color spectrum. Usually consisting of blues and greens, these are the colors that soothe one’s soul. Unlike the warm colors, cool colors bring you a sense of freshness that comes from ice and water.

Cool colors are perfect for those rooms in which you need concentration, like offices. They even can help small rooms look much larger than what they actually are, making them a perfect match for narrow hallways.

This color palette is also great for bedrooms and bathrooms since they bring tranquility and serenity. After all, these are places in which you seek to sit back and relax after a long tiring day.

Among the top picks of the cool palette, we have blue. It’s no wonder since blue is the color that represents the sky and water. Bringing comfort and calmness to rooms, it’s only natural that homeowners love using blue for their rooms.

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